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Easy to use full scientific expression calculator. For the Pocket PC -- Only $9.95 with a free 10 day trial, so download it now and try it for yourself.

Full Calculator
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Full Calculator
Full Calculator

TotalCalc is a straightforward fully functional scientific calculator for your Pocket PC. All major advanced functions, type in math expressions just as you would write them. Quick and easy to use. Work out angles in both Degrees and Radians. Have the full answer displayed or rounded to a number of decimal places, edit the input box directly using keyboard/pad or letter recogniser built in to your Pocket PC, or just use the buttons on the screen. Build to run on the latest Windows Mobile Devices. TotalCalc runs on WM (Windows Mobile) 6 and 5 as well as all Windows Mobile 2003 devices, even if you have a WM 2002 Pocket PC you will still be able to run TotalCalc thanks to additional download available on the download page along with the ten day trial of TotalCalc!



  • TotalCalc runs on Windows Mobile 6 devices
  • TotalCalc for Windows Mobile 5 devices
  • Runs on WM 2003 devices
  • Also runs on WM 2002 devices with extra download

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